Turn your field marketing challenge into a solution.

Contact Field Marketing today and experience our commitment to deliver you the sampling solution you have been looking for.

Field Marketing's reputation throughout Australia for going the extra mile with our field marketing sampling solutions is why most recruiters know and trust Field Marketing. We do however have sampling specialists and a range of other field marketing services.

Staffing is committed to providing admired and expert sampling solutions to meet your business' every need. With many years of combined experience in our highly regarded field marketing team, we pride ourselves on our dedication, efficiency and resourcefulness. We apply our expertise and knowledge to all of our services, whilst tailoring our demonstration solutions to your particular organisation's needs.

Working with Staffing ensures you are in good hands! Each specialist Consultant has extensive experience in the sector that they cover. This ensures that you can take confidence that we have the promotions expertise to understand and satisfy your requirements.

At Staffing, we are committed to supplying skilled, talented and hard working sampling staff to suit the unique needs of your organisation. Whether you require assistance with a one off campaign, contractors, outsource arrangement or even sourcing permanent demonstration or promotions, Staffing that you are after!

We have hundreds of staff on any given dAX working through Australia and many more capable sampling professionals ready to go. Our in-field call centre temps teams have represented organisations as diverse and well regarded as Unilever, Qantas, Westfield and Bosch.

You will be supported all the wAX with the specialist Sampling Team who are recognised as experts in the areas of sampling. Staffing's has specialist teams, including merchandising, events promoter or field marketer so don't hesitate to contact us on 1300 790 330 today.

For more information on some of our other field marketing services or jobs please visit:

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